SOUL' D OUT |來自非洲的 Afro-house 派對

在台北來一場最棒的 Afro-house 派對吧!五位來自史瓦帝尼、海地、加拿大、南非的DJ,讓你感受最原汁原味的Afro-house。


活動這次特別邀請到的客座DJ是自史瓦帝尼的 Thabo Mnisi,他的藝名是Touch of Soul,自 2010 年移居南非,致力成為非洲最棒的DJ。2013 年在 Red Bull DJ 競賽中獲得佳績,也讓他成了在德班最熱門夜店的常駐DJ,他最近剛去美國巡迴演出,並與南非唱片公司 Afrotainment 的創辦人DJ Tira合作發行了新單曲 - Ungowam





House 是一種電子音樂風格,源自於美國而Afro-house則是發源於南非的分支, 盛行於南非的普勒托利亞,索韋托,約翰內斯堡,德班和開普敦,而最具盛名的南非 DJ - BLACK COFFEE,大家可以聽聽他的成名曲《Superman》,感受一下 Afro-House 的魅力!




  • 時間|2019.11.30(六)22:00 – 5:00
  • 地點|un:understand(台北市大安區新生南路一段111號B1,捷運忠孝新生站)
  • 票價|線上購票 600 元;現場購票 900 元
  • 出席DJ
    • Washington Soul
    • Sizo and Del JO 
    • Touch of Soul 
    • Funny Kreaturz 
    • Mr Sunshine 
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  • 主辦單位|TheFirm


關於 TheFirm

是一個位於台北,具有國際經驗的策展人團隊。 自2018年成立以來,他們一直致力舉辦夜間活動。他們提供生活在台灣的外籍人士(尤其是非洲人後裔)獨特的音樂,也讓台灣的消費者聽到新的聲音。他們最著名的活動如「All White Party」、「Suit and Tie」和「The Rooftop Cookout」都給參加者帶來特別的音樂感受及活動體驗。

Taiwan stand up!! Get ready to burn holes into the soles of your shoes as you dance the night away on November 30 at the best Afro-house party in Taipei. Once again The Firm Evnts has outdone themselves, this time they’ve kicked it up a  notch and brought in Dj Touch of Soul who’ll be serving the latest trending sounds straight from Africa: Amapiano, Qgom-House and Afrobeats. With two dance floors and a slew of supporting djs, Washington Soul, Sizo and Del Vibe, Funny Kreaturz and Mr Sunshine on the decks line up, expect a sonic boom that will move your soul. Get your ticket ready, your vibe on and report to the dance floor at the illustrious venue Un:understand Taipei for an awesome night of fun and great vibes all round. Pre-sale tickets can be bought through ticketing app, KKTIX otherwise tickets are also available from the door.

Thabo Mnisi aka Touch of Soul is a house DJ. Born and raised in Swaziland, this rising star moved to South Africa in 2010 and has not stopped working towards being the best DJ in Africa. His sound is anything from deep soulful to dance & commercial house music. Starting his career at UKZN while studying Human Settlements (Housing), he won the 2013 Redbull Campus Clash. The win became a catalyst for his career as he become a resident DJ for the hottest clubs in Durban, and is now currently settled in one of the biggest entertainment venues in South Africa, Eyadini Lounge as well as the exclusive night club AZAR. He recently came off a US tour and has a brand new single out now called "Ungowam" featuring one of South Africa's biggest DJ’s and founder of Afrotainment; DJ Tira. He’s also behind the booming merchandise brand “TOS”, that will be available for sale at the event. 

All are welcome to attend the meet and greet that will be held for fans and those interested in purchasing merchandise at MQ taipei on Friday, 29 November 9pm. 


Event Infomation

  • Date | 2019 NOV 30 Sta. 22:00 – 5:00
  • Location | un:understand
  • DJ Lineup:
    • Washington Soul 
    • Sizo and Del JO
    • Touch of Soul
    • Funny Kreaturz
    • Mr Sunshine
  • Price | Early Bird Vibe (Presale) : NT$600 ; Door: NT$900 
  • Buy tickets on KKTIX|
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  • Organizer|TheFirm


About TheFirm

The Firm is an events collective of forward thinking, international experience curators based in Taipei. They've been gaining popularity and becoming a favourite in the night events industry since their inception in 2018. They have managed to set themselves apart from the other promoters by catering to the ever growing expat community -especially those of  African descent, and by gradually introducing new sounds to the local consumers as well. They’re the new kid on the block, esteemed for bringing style and a hint of class to their events like the "All White Party", "Suit and Tie" and“The Rooftop Cookout" to mention a few.